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Copper profiles related to performance and application description

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Copper profiles related to performance and application description
Copper profiles related to performance and application description
Copper profiles as part of our daily lives relatively common form of copper alloy products, widely used in various industries, IAC Copper zinc and copper alloy products produced, not only quality, but also recognized by the majority of the demand side. 
Copper profiles 
The copper content of the alloy used is between 57% and 62%. Preparation of alloy powder metallurgy method has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength and a certain plasticity. At very high temperatures, such as above 3000 ℃, copper alloy is liquefied evaporated absorbs heat, reduces the surface temperature of the material. So this type of material is also known as metallic sweat material. 
Technology Introduction 
Brass using isostatic pressing - high temperature sintering - soluble copper infiltration process, is an alloy of zinc and copper. 
By powder metallurgy copper alloy preparation process for milling - the ingredients mix - pressing - sintering dissolved infiltration - cold. 
1 electrode material: high hardness materials used in electrical discharge machining and flake, EDM product surface finish, high precision, low loss, effective conservation. 
2 Contact Material: High pressure switch or circuit breaker contacts and vacuum arc contacts, circuit board soldering and electrical contact points. 
3 Welding Materials: submerged arc welding machine, gas welding tip, radio resistor factory (producing carbon film resistors, metal film resistors) of resistance welding machine Welding Material 
4 guide and guard material: all kinds of wire rolling, for guiding the protective effect materials. 
Copper profiles have broader uses, primarily used to make contact and the rocket nozzle throat insert, rudder and other high-temperature components of high-voltage electrical arc erosion resistant switches, also used as EDM electrodes, high temperature molds and other requirements thermal conductivity properties and applications of high temperature use. 
Shengzhou Anglo Copper Co., Ltd. has 18 years of research experience in the production of copper profiles, long time by the majority of enterprises received. Has a good reputation in the copper profile industries. With the efforts of recent years, companies have been expanding, already has 10,000 square feet of self-built plant, and a large number of experienced older employees. "The quality and quantity, the better" is the Anglo-consistent pursuit of "innovation, integrity and mutual benefit and win-win development", IAC practical action to repay the old and new customers, and strive to become the industry leader in copper profiles, most customers reassuring choice.
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